Sharing is good for building and strengthening community links. By reducing consumption and waste it is also good for the natural world.

Lend | Benthyg Llangollen allows people to share items with others in the community. Anyone who lives in or around Llangollen can add an item for others to request, or request to share an item that someone else has added.

Simply find an item, log in, and fill in the request form. The item owner will use these details to get in contact with you to arrange pickup or delivery.

Please be aware of that current COVID-19 restrictions may mean sharing of items is not possible at the present time.

You may wish to simply leave an item outside your house for someone to pick up. In time community groups may establish lending pick up / drop off points to make lending items even more easy.

This website does not yet support tracking your items. When you lend or borrow an item, it is up to you to know who you’ve given it to, and to know when it is due back. Don’t lend or borrow too many items that you lose track! If everyone in Llangollen lends just one item each, then that will be enough to have many thousands of items available.

Lend | Benthyg Llangollen consists solely of this website, and does not provide any tracking, insurance, guarantee or contract. Terms for lending must be established between the lender and the borrower themselves on a case by case basis.